Self-referral For Local Services

We are pleased to announce the following services that allow you to self-refer without the need to see your GP.

This makes it far more convenient for you to access help and the providers can feedback the outcome to your GP.




DynamicHealth is a NHS Service (part of Cambridgeshire Community Services NHS Trust) able to access and manage many musculosketal conditions involving the muscles, nerves or joints. They are also able to assess many pelvis health conditions. They are able accept referrals for anyone aged 16 and over. You do not need a GP referral, you can self refer their website.

Physiotherapy Self Referral

Counselling / CBT self-referral

The Psychological Wellbeing Service (IAPT) offers psychological treatments across Cambridgeshire and Peterborough. If you would like support, please discuss a referral with your GP or alternatively you may also refer yourself directly via the Internet (preferred option) at:

or Telephone: 0300 300 0055 

This service is set up to help those aged 17 and over who are suffering from mild to moderate depression and anxiety disorders including generalised anxiety, social anxiety, post traumatic stress, health anxiety, panic, phobia or obsessive compulsive disorder. All of the talking therapies offered as part of our Psychological Wellbeing Service work by helping you understand what is happening to you, help you to work through your difficult feelings and learn new ways of coping in order to improve your wellbeing.

Minor eye condition service

This is a free NHS service available from specially trained Optometrists in the Cambridge area. This is available for patients over 16 years of age with the following conditions:

  • Red eyes, red lids 
  • Dry, gritty, uncomfortable eyes 
  • Irritated, inflamed eyes 
  • Sticky discharge, watering eyes 
  • Ingrown eyelashes 
  • Foreign bodies in the eye 
  • Some types of flashes/ floaters 
  • Recent and sudden loss of vision.

Where can I go?

  • A & I Lask - 42 Chesterton Road, Cambridge, CB4 1EN 01223357303
  • D Murphy Optometrists, 34 Newmarket Road, Cambridge, CB5 8DT 01223351819 
  • Specsavers, 13-15 Fitzroy Street, Cambridge, CB1 1ER 01223305241 
  • Specsavers, 30 Lion Yd, Cambridge, CB2 3NA – 01223366805

If you require immediate onward referral for a serious eye condition this can be arranged DIRECTLY from the clinic without needing a GP referral.

Contraception / Sexual Health

An alternative resource for contraception and sexual health other than our practice is the Cambridge iCash Limetree Clinic (Saturday am appointments available).


You can also self refer for podiatry by visiting the following website; Cambs Podiatry

 Or Telephone; 01480 418545.

Emotional & Wellbeing Support for Children & Young People (Chums)

More information can be found on the Website including how to self refer: Chums

You can also download the leaflets opposite.

NHS e-Referral Tracking

If your doctor has referred you to a specialist for further care you will be asked to book your appointment using the ‘NHS e-Referral’ system.

You will receive a letter from us within 2 weeks giving details of how to book your appointment and any passwords you may need.

To track your e-Referral you will need the following details to log into the e-Referral website:

  • Your date of birth
  • Reference number – this will be on the first page of your letter
  • Password – this will be on the second page of your letter

To track an e-Referral, click here.