Patient Participation Group

The Role of the PPG

We are a self-selected group of 9/ 10 patients of the practice who responded to an invitation to create a PPG for this surgery. We contribute to the Patient’s Forum, where patients, practice managers and medical colleagues meet to advise the new Cam Health Commissioners of patient perspectives on their decisions. This means that sometimes the NW PPG is working on service developments more broadly, and at others we are focused on our own surgery.

Click on the link below to read our Terms of Reference:

PPG Terms of Reference.pdf

Each year we initiate and organize the survey of patient’s opinions of the practice.  This is mainly to a standardized format so comparisons can be made over time and between surgeries. We then follow up any concerns and issues that patients identify.

We meet bi-monthly for two hours, usually at the surgery.

Our ideas for future work include:

  • to collate useful information for patients to be kept and updated on the website
  • to invite speakers on health education issues occasionally
  • to think about ways to support patients who request social or practical support (e.g. lifts to hospital appointments)
  • to organize events, such as a monthly health walk.
  • to be a point of contact for other patients who would like to contribute to the practice.

Click on the link below to read about our latest PPG Education evening, “A Talk on Living with Depression”:

Living with Depression.pdf

Invitation to any Patient

We are conscious that the PPG membership is biased to over 60s.

If you are willing to:

  1. Become a member of the PPG
  2. Be on an email list to be consulted occasionally or regularly or about specific services or health conditions.

We are particularly keen to have patients under 30 in the group, and anyone is welcome.

Please contact: Dr Kate Townsend or Lisa Watson, Office Manager.

If you are happy for us to contact you occasionally by email please click the link below to open the sign-up form and complete all the fields.

Getting Your View

The group would like to contact patients on occasion by email and/or text so that they can obtain the views of the widest group of patients possible. We would like to obtain your email address and mobile phone number to do this. Please complete the Patient Contact Form to provide your consent for this.